KAPP's know-how for your activities.

Through the quality of its heat exchangers and its process boilermaking activity, KAPP has the expertise to operate in very specific activities and offer high-quality innovative solutions.

KAPP puts its skills at the service of the design of equipment also in the cryogenics, paper mill, energy and food industries.


  • Heating and cooling process fluids
  • Condensation and evaporation
  • Top column heat condenser
  • Stripping processes
  • Réacteurs, colonnes, cuves…

Fine chemicals, Pharmaceutical

  • Heating and cooling process fluids
  • Sterilization
  • Exchangers on water for injectio
  • Condensers on reactors for cGMP unit
  • Two-stages condenser
  • Temperature control reactors, cooling and heating monofluid
  • Reactors, storage tanks

Water treatment, environment

  • Heat recovery on industrial or municipal effluents
  • Suspensions heating or cooling
  • Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Heat exchangers on sludges cooling heatin
  • VOC recovery

Coke Plant

  • Cooling of ammonia waters and sripping oils.
  • Aluminate suspension or uranate heating & cooling
  • Temperature control of surface treatment bath
  • Exchangers on storage tanks
  • Condensers


  • Liquids heating and cooling
  • Condensation and evaporation
  • Heat recovey heat exchangers
  • Sterilization
  • Reactor, storage tank

Energy, Marine

  • Steam condensation
  • Heat recovey heat exchangers
  • Air / Water economizers
  • Condensate coolers
  • Paint & varnish heaters and coolers

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