About us

In December 2013, KAPP acquired the activities of Mersen Brignais.

KAPP aims to establish and strengthen the current position of the heat exchangers department, while developing an activity of pressure vessels manufacturing equipment. The industrial project is built around human values and innovation, and aims a very high level of quality. To ensure the success of this project, KAPP is in partnership with Clauger Group who has over 35 years of experience in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning process.

KAPP guarantees the quality of its products in terms of design and manufacturing (CODAP, MERKBLATT AD / AD 2000, ASME). We are ISO 9001 – V2008 certified by TÜV SÜD.
All equipment complies with the PED2014/68/EU.


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20 years of experience and industrial skills

From 1993 to 1998: 5 years to develop a strong knowledge on thermal sizing and become the heat exchanger specialist – The whole Equipment manufacturing is subcontracted.

1998: creation of our own workshop facilities for our welded PHE line in Lyon, birth of ATOM INDUSTRIE

From 1998 to 2003: 5 years to develop a strong knowledge in mechanical design and welding, and become an expert on welded plates exchangers

2003 : KAPP / ATOM merger, new workshop facilities in Brignais, 2400 m² workshop, 500 m² of offices

From 2003 to 2013: 10 years to strengthen skills, built a reliable production center and become an international producer

2004: ISO9001 V2000 Certification

2006: New HEATEX patent

2006: Acquisition by Mersen

2013: Acquisition of Mersen Brignais by KAPP

KAPP ensures the mastery of your projects, from design to manufacturing, in compliance with the specifications.

From design to manufacturing, KAPP leads your projects in compliance with the specifications.

On design phases, our technical department works on:

  • Thermal design using simulation softwares dedicated to our products lines and with ASPEN design HTFS software for Shell and tubes heat exchangers.
  • Mechanical design with Microprotol in accordance with recognized international codes.

KAPP also benefits of recent and successful production tools :

  • 4 300 m² of workshop
  • production equipment of high technology,
  • surface treatment station : cleaning, picking and passivation bath, electro polishing and polishing tools,
  • forming press, NC punching, laser cutting, automated spot welding, TIG welding bracket, automated stud welding, orbital welding, tube expanding and also laser welding
  • worked materials : stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, nickel alloy and titanium.

KAPP leads Health Safety and Environment policy to:

  • contribute to the protection and the safety of its employees.
  • contribute to the improvement of the working conditions.
  • follow legislative and statutory prescriptions.

KAPP works every day in the development of new products.


The objective of the R&D department: increase the performance and the competitiveness of our equipment.

Example of products development: HXC Freeflow – This product is patented. Its special features makes it unique on the world market.

Our R&D department works also on new welding methods, in order to improve our manufacturing processes.

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